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The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers

Who we are


Our goals


The Committee


Our special interest groups (SIGs)


Activities plan for 2017


Our teaching resources and publications


Bibliografies of our members


Conference in 2010: Challenges in LSP


LSP Symposium


Our publication



Who we are


The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers was founded in 1997 as a professional, non-profit and non-political organisation. Members are teachers working in tertiary and secondary institutional language programmes or public and private language schools. There are currently about 70 members.


Honorary Members in the Association are Nada Vukadinović Beslič, Bernarda Kosel, Irena Kuštrin and Melita Djurić. The membership recognizes their outstanding service and contribution in furtherance of the purposes and objectives of this Association.



Our goals


The principal goals of the Association are to promote the professional growth of LSP teachers, introduction of new approaches in teaching and testing of LSP, the development of teaching materials as well as information technology use in teaching.



The Committee


Saša Podgoršek - President

Polona Vičič - Secretary

Darja Mertelj - Treasurer

Majda Šavle - Member of the Committee

Vida Zorko - Member of the Committee

Šarolta Godnič Vičič - Editor of the Scripta Manent journal

Nataša Gajšt - Editor of the SDUTSJ Novičke publication

Slavica Čepon - Associate Committee Member

Mateja Dostal - Associate Committee Member

Tereza Horvat - Associate Committee Member

Mojca Jarc - Associate Committee Member

Violeta Jurkovič - Associate Committee Member

Polona Svetlin Gvardjančič - Associate Committee Member



Our special interest groups (SIGs)


Currently one SIG has been very active organising meetings and workshops:

● E-learning SIG



Activities plan for 2017


● February: Webinar on a selected topic

● May: International conference (click the Conference 2017 tab)

● August: Excursion

● September: Guest lecture

● October: Webinar on a selected topic

● December: Webinar on a selected topic

Detailed information on all our activities is published in the News where you can find announcements of upcoming events as well as reports, photos and other news items about our past events.



Our teaching resources and publications


Our members are authors of numerous teaching resources that include student books, dictionaries, guides and other study materials. View a catalogue of our members’ published study resources.



Bibliografies of our members


Our members actively contribute to the development in the field of LSP. They are authors and editors of articles and books, and have delivered many presentations at conferences at home and abroad.  View a catalogue of our members’ publications and presentations.



National conference in 2014: Challenges in the Teaching and Rearching of LSP


Our national LSP conference 'Challenges in the Teaching and Researching of LSP’ was held on February 7 2014 at the Faculty of Administration, Ljubljana. The language of the conference was Slovene. More info here.



Conference in 2010: Challenges in Languages for Specific Purposes


Our LSP conference 'Challenges in Languages for Specific Purposes' was held on February 5 and 6 2010 at the Faculty of Administration, Ljubljana. The language of the conference was Slovene. For more information, visit the conference page.



LSP Symposium to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our association


On November 23rd 2007 the association marked its 10th anniversary with an LSP Symposium. The Symposium brought together over fifty Slovenian LSP teachers and experts who shared their professional experience in a one-day event. Read the Symposium preceedings and view some photos from the event.



Our publication


Guide to Problem-Based Learning has been written by a group of ESP teachers from Slovenia, members of the Association, who have implemented Problem-Based  Learning (PBL) as a new model of teaching.


The method successfully combines professional knowledge with the knowledge of foreign languages. Characterised by student-centred and learning-centred interdisciplinary approach it enhances the development of linguistic, practical and cognitive skills as well as extralinguistic knowledge.


The guide is ideal for teachers in preparation, LSP teachers and subject specialists. It enables users to plan their PBL activities, provides guidelines and gives practical advice. It will serve as a useful tool to any LSP teacher who is willing to introduce new challenging methods into the teaching environment or who is in need of a tool that can be used to review, support or structure what is already being done.


To access the content of the guide, click on the image below:




























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