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Inter Alia 2, Ljubljana, February 2011

ISBN: 978-961-91069-3-8



Polona Vičič


Preparing materials for ESP teaching





ESP is an important area in English Language Teaching today: there is a large variety of professions for which tailor-made courses and materials are of utmost importance for effective and task-based learning. Consequently, the role of ESP teachers at least to some extent differs from the role of General English teachers. It usually involves needs analysis and syllabus design in addition to materials selection (Hutchinson and Waters, 1994). Undoubtedly, all these tasks are equally demanding and contribute to the success of the ESP teaching/learning process, with materials selection coming last as a kind of practical result of effective course development. This paper first presents some aspects of ESP that are decisive for materials selection, as well as materials adaptation and/or writing. The second part outlines the guidelines I followed when preparing the English in Logistics electronic materials for first-year students, and the paper concludes with a presentation and interpretation of the results of a questionnaire designed to gather student opinion on these materials.


Keywords: English for Specific Purposes (ESP), general business textbook, subject-specific materials, tailor-made materials.


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