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Inter Alia 2, Ljubljana, February 2011

ISBN: 978-961-91069-3-8



Violeta Jurković


Language learner strategies and language competence: a case study in the Slovene higher education area





The present article reports on the findings of a study conducted at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The aim of the study was to confirm the findings of international studies in the Slovene higher education area in relation to the correlation between language competence and language learner strategy use. The first question that this study addresses is whether Slovene higher education students at different levels of language competence differ in terms of frequency of use of language learner strategies. The second question is which learner strategies are more frequently used by Slovene higher education students that had reached a high level of language competence before entering higher education. Based on the findings, the paper suggests some language learner strategies for implicit or explicit strategy based instruction.


Keywords: language learner strategies, strategy based instruction, language competence, language for specific purposes, higher education.

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