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Inter Alia 2, Ljubljana, February 2011

ISBN: 978-961-91069-3-8



Klavdija Hrenko Podergajs in Tanja Ostrman Renault


Challenges of distance or e-learning at teaching foreign languages at the College of Business Doba Maribor






The use of modern technologies in a learning-teaching process is not new. However, the development and general use of the ICT in the 21st century have become extremely important for a great number of students who cannot afford to enjoy spare moments in their everyday lives. To adapt to new challenges and changes is to learn quickly.


The beginnings of the so-called “distance learning” where a student and his or her tutor are separated in time and space, can be traced back to the 18th century. However, the distance or e-learning could really have fully developed with the advent of the ICT system and the wide use of the Internet. The concept of “whenever” and “wherever” has become a reality. At the same time it has become a challenge too. Self-discipline and motivation undoubtedly represent the main challenges for students.


The College of Business Doba Maribor developed e-programmes which became part of the curricula for the first time in 2000. Foreign languages are studied with the help of virtual programmes Blackboard and Tell Me More. Surveys show that students involved in e-programmes are much more motivated than their peers in the traditional study programmes. It can be concluded that distance or e-learning definitely has its future.


Keywords: professional foreign language, distance/e-learning,

ICT technology



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