Inter Alia 1

ISBN: 978-961-91069-2-1



Alenka Kukovec


Teaching Aviation English and Radiotelephony communication in line with the newly established International Civil Aviation Organization language proficiency requirements for pilots





This paper considers the structure of Aviation English and radiotelephony courses  currently provided by the Aviation English Department at The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. It aims to define teaching strategies in line with new requirements from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that mandate acceptable English language levels for pilots and other licensed aviation staff. It shows how the teaching of Aviation English combined with the teaching of standard phraseology can work together for the purpose of training students in their interaction and communication skills. This teaching model serves as a tool for managing classroom processes used for ab initio students as well as in refresher courses in airlines and flight schools. The paper describes the use of teaching materials to encourage the development of interaction and communication. Suggestions are made for ways in which a teacher can foster real-word listening and communication skills and for ways to ensure that students continue acquiring the language skills they need for their profession after the period of study has finished.


Keywords: radiotelephony (R/T) communication, language proficiency requirements, aviation phraseology, International Civil Aviation  Organization, European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), Joint Aviation Regulations (JAR).


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