Inter Alia 1

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Jana Kobav


Dviganje kakovosti in zagotavljanje enakih možnosti dijakom v srednjem strokovnem izobraževanju





Slovene schooling system follows the European education systems which have proved successful. It develops the holistic approach and widens the level of individual help to pupils with special needs. The importance of lifelong learning driving up standards of teaching and learning in order to enhance pupils’ achievement continues to be an important policy issue in Great Britain as well as in Slovenia.


Self evaluation system in Great Britain is transparent and unified for all schools. It follows their students’ achievement in higher education and further in their career. However, according to our law it is not possible.


It is believed that the new system has brought considerable improvement compared to the former, on inspection based situation. Yet, some may feel it is a rather cumbersome tool to operate.  As a result of the focus that teachers should display and achieve targets, the progress of pupils is monitored constantly. There is a low adult/pupil ratio in most school activities (teaching assistants).  Hopefully, our system will proceed in the same way.


Considerable efforts have been made to raise standards and quality in Slovenian education. The headmaster validates teachers and is expected to know their school thoroughly.  Schools are bound to national final testing, and prepare students for final exams. Thus teachers take responsibility and risks, and develop themselves as professionals in additional education programmes for teaching staff. The achieved added value of students is then compared and stimulates quality enhancement. A team of qualified staff is available to work with schools experiencing difficulties. Schools should create grounds for sound self-evaluation system and develop pupils’ responsibility.


Keywords: British education system, holistic approach, education programmes, creative activity, self-evaluation, quality enhancement.



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