Inter Alia 1

ISBN: 978-961-91069-2-1



Nataša Gajšt


Action Research and LSP Teachers





Action research is the process which enables LSP teachers to examine their teaching practice by a systematic and detailed application of various research procedures. Its main purpose is to improve the teaching process and to facilitate the professional development of teachers. It proves useful at the beginning of an individual’s professional development and work as well as throughout one’s professional career. In this contribution, the author presents the framework of action research, the key conditions and characteristics of action research as a very interesting and, above all, useful method of teacher development and reflection of one’s teaching practice also in the field of LSP. In addition, the contribution examines the main positive aspects of action research method and points out some ethical issues concerning it as well as provides one example of its application.


Keywords: action research, LSP, methods, teacher development.



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