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Metka Brkan


Examples of Use in Technical Dictionaries





Many technical dictionaries take the form of glossaries which only lemmatize a source and target word without presenting any additional information about terms. While examples of use are frequent in general language dictionaries, they are rare in technical ones. Some lexicographers even share the opinion that there is no need to include examples in a technical dictionary because terms are generally monosemous and do not present any lexical problems. Using examples taken from the fields of garment and traffic engineering , this article is intended to show that many contrastive differences exist between Slovene and English terms from these fields. They should be included into dictionary articles to support the intended uses of a dictionary. A well composed dictionary article will help a professional user, especially a student, to formulate correct native and foreign language sentences.


Keywords: lexicography, technical dictionaries, microstructure, examples of use, contrastive analysis.




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